your first visit

On Your First Visit

Dr. Hoeft and the health professionals at Total Health Chiropractic are committed to helping you achieve your best health. On your initial visit, you can expect to fill out a few forms. This will help Dr. Hoeft determine whether he can meet your health needs and concerns as well as provide him with a picture of your past history and overall health.
You will receive a comprehensive consultation and thorough biostructural exam. You may be asked to perform physical tests and movements to assist in identifying the problem. The purpose is to determine the best possible procedure(s) which allow you to regain your health. Our main goal is to take care of the back, muscles, and surrounding ligaments that are causing you pain, and to return your body to its proper balance and alignment.

In certain situations, an x-ray may be used to confirm the history and examination findings, and to analyze the presence of any underlying bone conditions or pathological developments. A diagnosis is made, with treatment options. Dr. Hoeft will go over a plan of treatment, and if the diagnosis is not a chiropractic problem, an appropriate referral is made.

A prognosis is made, keeping in mind your general health, habits, occupation, stress and activity levels. Your treatment will be monitored closely by Dr.Hoeft. He will watch for improvements to your specific condition, as well as changes in your overall health. Dr. Hoeft also utilizes exercises –combined with a holistic approach to your diet and other lifestyle modifications.
Your overall health and well-being is our goal!




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